Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Megan Coffey

So as you may have guessed throughout our social media network, we follow a lot of cosplayers. We always have to have our finger on the pulse of what they are up to. That being said there are indeed a select few that we let out “Fan Girl Screams” when we stumble upon something new of theirs.

Megan Coffey is on our short “Fan Girl Scream” list.  What makes it even better than stumbling upon a new amazing set like the one seen before you? When the photographer who took the shots sends it directly to your inbox. Photographer BriLan Imagery sent us this shots the other day, and I believe we shot him back an e-mail within 30 seconds tell him how he just made our day.

SIDE NOTE: Cosplay Photogrraphers. SMC works for you as well. Feel free to send us you’re latest works. We will get them posted.

We feature a lot of classic cosplays here on SMC, and Megan had gone and taken one of those amazing characters and perfected it into one stunning cosplay. Dragonball Z’s Vegeta gets a very cool rule 63 version, furry tail included! Speaking of talented work you can see the amount of pride BriLan Imagery puts into their work in these shots. Simply amazing!

We’ve rambled enough.

TL:DR: Dragonball Z rule 63 cosplay by Megan Coffey Rocks!

IMG_1348 BriLanImagery_IMG_1344 B

BriLanImagery_IMG_1343 BriLanImagery_IMG_1336
BriLanImagery_IMG_1329 BriLanImagery_IMG_1313

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Photography: BriLan Imagery

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