SMC Spotlight: Wondercon Super Mario Cosplay

Wondercon always brings us some amazing cosplay. While it has already come and gone several weeks ago, we’re still receiving some amazing cosplay in our inbox from this amazing convention.

It’s always nice to see Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Characters brought to life in cosplay. This MarioBros Squad totally owns it at the convention, and we can only assume it was quite the scene to see walking the floors of the convention.

Cosplayers Toria Ann, MissMJayy, JBergadine Cosplay, JujubeJules Cosplay, and ScarlettPhox bring their A-game in these shots from “Con Woman Photography”

Like this group cosplay? Let us know what other group cosplay you’d like to see in the comments below.


Mario: Toria Ann | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |
Luigi: MissMJayy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |
Prince Peach: JBergadine_Cosplay | Facebook | Instagram |
Yoshi: JujubeJulesCosplay | Facebook | Instagram |
Toadette: ScarlettPhox | Facebook | Instagram |
Prince Dasiy: Tre

Photographer: Con Woman Photography | Facebook | Instagram |

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