Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Killer Kitty Cosplay

Harley Quinn is one of those epic comicbook characters. We see a lot of Harley Quinns in the run of week, and truth be told, love every single one. German Cosplayer Killer Kitty has managed to capture the true spirit of Harley in the shots below.

Killer Kitty Cosplay has accurately depicted the crazy / zany side of Harley and matched it up perfectly with the cunning / deadly criminal side, that we all know she has.  Simply put, when ever we see a great Harley, one statement rings true… “Mr J would be proud”!


KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-09 KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-08

KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-07 KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-06
KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-05 KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-04
KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-03 KillerKitty_HarleyQuinn-02













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