Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Kawaii Besu Cosplay Part 2

One can debate weather part 2 of something is better or as good  as part 1 all they want. We believe in this case that both parts of our Kawaii Besu Cosplay SMC spotlights are equally as good. Kawaii Besu Cosplay did an unique thing, where she sent us her Morrigan Aensland pictures and then followed up immediately with the pictures you see below featuring her as Asuka Shikinami. Since we hadn’t effectively had a chance to post the the first batch before the second batch arrived, we figured it was only fair to do a spotlight on both. Agree?

Asuka Shikinami is another case of those rare classic characters that will live on forever. The series Neon Genesis Evangelion will live on as long as anime is still being offered, and holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts. Cosplayer Kawaii Besu Cosplay has also manged to find a place in those peoples hearts, as she effectively brings Asuka to life in the shots found below.

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Photographer: Stuckey Media & Joits Photography

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