Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Kawaii Besu Cosplay Part 1

There are certain characters within in the cosplay community which have become iconic. Morrigan Aensland from Capcom’s ever popular Darkstalker series has easily become one of those characters. In the course of a day we can come across any number of Morrigan cosplayers, and they always have one thing in common, that being that they look totally amazing. We’re really not sure what does it, if it’s the wings, the green hair or just the crazy amount of sex appeal, but one thing is sure, we simply can’t get enough.


Cosplayer Kawaii Besu Cosplay managed to send us not one but two amazing cosplay sets this week. This is why this part 1 of a two part spotlight on this amazing up and coming cosplayer. So as can be seen by the above paragraph Kawaii Besu Cosplay’s first character to be featured in no other than Morrigan Aensland.  Our next update will feature the second part of her spotlight.

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Photographers Fournier Film StudiosJuntsu Photography

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