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Cosplayer JusZ Cosplay lives the dream. Originally from Vancouver BC (Canada) she now lives in Adelaide, Australia. JusZ has been cosplaying for over five years now, and has had a passion for costumes and theatre for most of my life

The best part of cosplaying for JusZ is transforming into someone new and different for the day, Some of her favorite cosplays are comic Black Widow, WWE’s Paige, Lara Croft and Zatanna.

JusZ considers one of her major strengths her ability of inhabiting the characters and bringing them to life. She strives for accuracy, but likes to be true to the spirit of the character vs slavish devotion to the art/show. This is none other evident than the pictures of JusZ’s The Force Awaken’s Rey found below.  The force is strong with this one… JusZ / Rey easily handles the Dark side of Tristan Moony Willes as Kylo Ren.

JusZ Cosplay JusZ Cosplay

JusZ Cosplay JusZ Cosplay
JusZ Cosplay

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Photographer: Steam Kittens

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