Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Holly Wolf / Vicky Lau

Pokemon is truly a worldly phenomenon, it’s everywhere, and with good reason. Unlike a lot of other entertainment properties, pokemon has managed to stay the test of time.  Originally created in 1995 for Nintendo’s Gameboy, the series has launched an onslaught on pop cutlure and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down nearly 20 years later.

The dynamic duo of Holly Wolf and Vicky Lau have always been on our radar. These two are seriously talented and we love seeing what they have to offer when it comes to cosplay. The photo set below landed in our inbox yesterday afternoon, and we’ve been going full steam ahead to get these posted for everyone to enjoy!

Holly Wolf brings classic Misty to life, while Vicky Lau manages to flip the norm as Ash. Let us know what you think of this set, and why pokemon continues to entertain!

You can see more of both Holly Wolf (Facebook | Twitter) & Vicky Lau (Facebook) via the social media links provided

Photographer: William Tan

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