Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Holly Gloha

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may have noticed the odd picture from #cosplayer Holly Gloha in our twitter feed. Holly posts some truly amazing work, and we’re more than happy to share her awesome creations with our readers.

That being said, we figured we should get to know Holly a bit better, and she deserved her own Spotlight. Holly has been cosplaying for over 8 years, and loves how cosplay has grown in popularity as of late. Even going as far as to say “that it warms her heart to see people celebrate their Nerd love openly and creatively”

Everything is bigger in Texas, and this is where Holly Gloha calls home. Recently moving to Houston, Holly has found a new very welcoming cosplay community. She has already attended several themed photo shoots int the area, and is looking forward to some of their famed luncheons.

Holly considers herself a “GooberDork” who is flattered and honored to meet fans of her hard work. While often focusing on Anime inspired creations Holly has no problem dabbling in comic book, video game and even original designs.

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