Share My Cosplay Spotlight: HJ Steele

After many months of what seemed to be an endless winter, Spring has finally arrived. With Spring comes many things, one of the most important is the blooming of new life as we start to head into Summer.

With everything indeed coming to life around us, what better time to be treated to HJ Steele and her newest Poison Ivy creation. If by chance you’re not familiar with HJ Steele and her on going Poison Ivy project, lets get you caught up. HJ is a model  / cosplayer who has caught the eye of many within the cosplay community with her many takes on DC Comics Poison Ivy.  Her goal is simple. To have a Poison Ivy for each season of the year. This Poison Ivy below is the third in the series with only the Summer one left to round out the four season collection.

Poison Ivy has always been a mainstay of the cosplay community, and if it’s one thing we here at SMC believe, you can never have too much Poison Ivy!

HJ_Steele-SpringPoisonIvy-05 HJ_Steele-SpringPoisonIvy-04

HJ_Steele-SpringPoisonIvy-03 HJ_Steele-SpringPoisonIvy-02

You can see more of HJ Steele on Facebook | Twitter

Photographer credits: Nicholas Santrizos

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