Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Giulietta Zawadzki (Bayonetta)

Straight to the point. Cosplayer Giulietta Zawadzki is one of the best Bayonetta, we’ve seen. Ever since joining the video game world in 2010 Bayonetta has been a very popular character in the cosplay community, and for good reason… she is badass!

We’re big fans of Giulietta Zawadzki’s work and have featured a ton of her creations on our site. This Bayonetta (pictured below), is another prime example of the quality  crafting “BeauPeep” has quickly become known for.

Giulietta Zawadzki easily has our vote to become the official embodiment of Bayonetta. How about yours?

GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta02 GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta01

GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta04 GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta03





GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta09 GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta08

GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta06 GiuliettaZawadzki-Bayonetta05









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