Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Elysium Sans (Castlevania)

It’s a fact that Castlevania is one of the few all time classic series in video game history. It’s also a fact that Castlevania Symphony of the Night (SOTH) is by far one of the best original PlayStation games ever produced and just happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Those two things right there are why we are so over joyed to feature Elysium Sans (& gang) in this SMC spotlight.

If you’ve ever sunk any amount of hours into a Castlevania game, you know yourself you’ve been playing an outstanding game. The cosplay before you stands the same tried and true test. Elysium Sans is a Canadian that some how has found herself working in the Los Angeles Theater & Film industry, specializing in no other than costuming.

Elysium Sans has been cosplaying for over ten years, and recently has decided to up her game.  She faithfully recreates Maria Renard from SOTN along side her husband Nathan as the games hero; Alucard.
You can see more of Elysium Sans on Facebook, DeviantArt & Instagram

Photographers Credits:  Somatic-Studios Photography: Cosplay

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