Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Bandit Spurs as Zelda

Lets face facts. Our last spotlight featured the awesomeness that is Castlevania. We love video games here at SMC, so when are own Bandit Spurs breaks out her amazing Zelda, it’s a must feature.

For those of you that don’t know, Bandit Spurs is a member of our ever growing team here at Bandit Spurs is an active member of the team helping out with many behind the scenes activities as well as a key player in our on going convention coverage. You’ll see more of Bandit Spurs later this summer with scheduled appearances for SMC at Ottawa Comic Con, Anime North and Otakuthon.

With all that being said if it’s one thing Bandit Spurs does well, its Zelda! Featured below are brand new pictures of her Princess Zelda by photographer Cyberfox007.

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