Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Ashleann Cosplay

Lets face it, you can’t get much more iconic than Wonder Woman, and the spotlight before you features some seriously amazing cosplay. Bay area Cosplayer Ashleann is 22 years old as of this post and has been cosplaying for six years. With a love for everything from anime to video games since she was five, cosplay seemed like a logical choice. Ashleann had been hitting conventions all over the Californian area branching out form San Jose’s Fanime to attending other top cons such as Anime LA and even Seattle’s Sakura Con.

Seattle’s Sakura Con will always have a special place in Ashleann Cosplay’s career. Ashleann’s Wonder Woman cosplay is actually a memorial cosplay for my best friend Allison who lost her life in the hands of her violent boyfriend. The Wonder Woman cosplay was in an effort to bring awareness to a cause. Ashleann’s friend Alison actually lived in the Seattle area so attending the con was important very important. Ashleann states “Wonder Woman is a reminder to every woman (and man) that we are stronger than we thought and we have the ability to speak up and find sanctuary from these acts of violence”.

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Photography Credits: Elite Cosplay

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