Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Angi Viper

With Marvel releasing another Captain America movie, it’s hard to imagine a world with out Hydra.

When you mention Hydra you can’t help but scream the worlds “Hail Hydra” from the top of your lungs. Madame Hydra is one of those classic characters, and who better to portray her awesomeness then the super talented Angi Viper.


AngiViper-MadameHydra01AngiViper-MadameHydra-Geri Kramer 2

AngiViper-MadameHydra-Eric EstradaAngiViper-MadameHydra-Eurobeat Kasumi
AngiViper-MadameHydra-James Ward 2AngiViper-MadameHydra-York in a box 2
AngiViper-MadameHydra-Geri Kramer 1AngiViper-MadameHydra-York in a box 1