Share My Cosplay Spotlight – Kristen Hughey

Cosplayer Kristen Hughey has always been one of our favorites here at (SMC). Kristen is one of those amazing people you come across in the scene,  where both her talent and personality really shines through in what she does.

From the moment we originally came across Kristen’s work back when we launched SMC, we knew we had found a special cosplayer. Kristen’s level of awesomeness speaks for itself, and because of this she has an ever growing fan base and can be found as a featured guest at many conventions across North America.

During a recent convention trip that brought her north to Canada, Kristen braved the wonders that is poutine! After surviving that rite of passage we are more than happy to bestow the title of honorary Canadian on her.

Check out a few of Kristen’s more popular works below, and then head over to her website for more up to date happenings.


Kristen Hughey as Poison Ivy KristenHughey-Spotlight05

Kristen Hughey as JadeKristen Hughey as Black Canary


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