Star Wars Day Special (2016)

On October 30, 2012 the face of cosplay was changed forever. This is of course when Disney announced a deal that they had acquired LucasFilm (& the rights to Star Wars) for four billion dollars. Ever since then the amount of mashups / cross over cosplay has greatly increased, and I think we can all agree for the better. As well we always needed a day such a Star Wars Day to properly celebrate this fandom!

This being May 4th, we couldn’t pick a better day to post this recent submission by cosplayer Adnamana12. When else than the world of cosplay could you find a mashup of a “Princess” be portrayed as a deadly Sith lord?

Now we do realize that May 4th, translated to “May the 4th be with you”, which one would normally associate with Jedi, but we’ve decided to go against the grain this year and feature this awesome set shot by Jmazz Photography. I guess we should have saved this one for tomorrows post under “Revenge of the fifth”!


Let us know how your Star Wars Day is going in the comments below.

Star Wars Day - Adnamana12_Snow4Full Star Wars Day - Adnamana12_Snow1Full

Adnamana12_SithSnow9 Star Wars Day Adnamana12_SithSnow5

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Photographer: Jmazz Photography

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