SMC Presents: Gwensday with Hendo Art

So a funny happened as we were deciding what we would post for you guys. As we were going through our e-mail, we happened upon a Spider-Gwen set of Hendo Art that we never posted. For those of you that potentially live under a rock, cosplayer Hendo Art has been blowing up the scene lately from the western part of the USA. Teamign up with the great and powerful talents of Craig McNelley can like always mean only good things.

Craig McNelley from Cosplay Corral sent us these a while ago, and now you get to enjoy them, consider this a pay it forward moment!

Seeing how today is “Gwensday” we figured it was indeed time to share these with our amazing followers.

Like to see more Gwensday specials? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Hendo Art Gwen9103TU

Gwen9086TU Hendo Art
Hendo Art Hendo Art

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Photographer: Craig McNelley Photography

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