SMC Presents: Black Widow with Macy Rose

It’s been asked many time over the last few months… simply put which side are you on? #TeamCap or TeamIronman? Marvel’s Captain America Civil War officially opens today (May 6th, 2016), but as of writing this article has already made over 200 million dollars in other markets where it can already been seen. This puts it on an early pace to be one of Marvel’s biggest movies ever. As well the critics believe this movie was very well executed, and even managed to juggle the insane amount of character perfectly. We can only wait and see what they will do with the next batch of marvel movies as the character continues to grow. I myself have always been a big fan of Marvel and can not wait to see it.

That being said, one character that has been there since the beginning is Shield Agent: Natasha romanoff AKA The Black Widow. #Cosplayer Macy Rose with the help of cosplay photographer Craig Mcnelley (Cosplay Corral) certainly manage to capture the spark of the Black Widow in the set below.

Let us know in the comments below who you will win the Civil War.

Macy Rose Macy Rose

Macy Rose Macy Rose
Macy Rose

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Photographer: Craig McNelley Photography for Cosplay Corral

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