Share My Cosplay: Ottawa Pop Expo 2014 Highlights

Ottawa Pop Expo took place in late November 2014, and we’ve been so busy here on SMC, we haven’t had a chance to do a proper feature until now. Both myself (Freakx) and @TenderCosplay were out on the convention floor snapping pictures of as many cosplayers as we could. While we’ve already previously posted the complete collection over on Facebook, we’ve decided a few of our standout favs needed to be properly highlighted.

Please keep in mind that we are in no way professional photographers, although we do try our best

Full Gallery: Facebook Album

IMG_5433 IMG_5430


IMG_5032 IMG_5029
IMG_5013 IMG_4964
IMG_4951 IMG_4942
IMG_4928 IMG_4924
IMG_4915 IMG_4910