Share My Cosplay: Note from the Editor!

Dear Readers / Followers

This is the first time I’ve (Freakx – The  Editor) have taken time to do this, but wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of our amazing followers & readers. We are building a community here at SMC. are so glad both fans of cosplay and cosplayers enjoy it as well. We love getting feedback and any time you want to let us know how we’re doing, being good or bad feel free to send us a quick note (

That being said we’re heading in to the middle of September and this time of year is generally known to many when the con-season starts to wind down. We know for sure that its truly been busy season this year, as we’ve personally had reps at a numerous events this summer (, and had such an awesome time covering all of your cosplays. That being said even your faithful editor deserves a break right? Now the reason for this ramble…

As of  today(September 12, 2015), I your editor in chief, currently responsible for both all social media entries and this website will be taking a much needed vacation, with a planned return date of October 1st. Now before mass hysteria sets in, and you wonder how you will ever live with our your daily SMC entries, don’t worry just yet. If it’s one thing you should know, we’d never leave you high and try with no fall backs.

Some of our crack staff including Bandit Spurs, Neeko Cosplay, Nerd Girl Britt and MAP Cosplay have been more than willing to step up and provide you with some much needed content during my absence. So while our regular fresh content (SMCDaily, Interviews, Spotlights and Convention Coverage), may indeed be limited, I do encourge you all to check our Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter as they will indeed still be active with cosplay for you to enjoy.

One last thing. As of tonight at 12:01 am EST we will launch our biggest giveaway yet. We’ve teamed up with The Costume Super Center to give away $200 in prizes. Also as a special addition to the grand prize there is a special Costume Super Center / Ani-Mia print available. The Contest is open until October 5th. Check it out.

That’s enough rambling for now, and as always if you enjoy what we are doing here at SMC, please let us know, tell your friends, tell your family. We really like the direction that SMC is going, and hope it only gets better as we head towards 2016.

Thank You
Freakx (aka Sean)