SMC Presents: Lets Edit Cosplay Photos! Go Kratos!

Hello! Today we’re here to see the process of editing a pic with effects. We’re gonna see this change step by step.

pic 1

The first we do is select the silhouette of the cosplayer and make a copy of her in another layer. Then we will use the bleeding tool on the swords and the face of the demon of her chest to make them look fierce.

pic 2

Now we’re going to make the background darker, so we come back to the original pic and we lower the exposition and the shadows till find the result we want. The cosplayer will be like superimposed, but this is something we will fix with lights.

pic 3

Now, the wings. This is one of the most important elements because their going to give greatness and power to the character. We’re going to put them on the layer between the cosplayer and the background.

pic 4

The skin. This is a very important part too. We select all the skin parts and then I de-saturate the layer, (of course I used this because Kratos has white skin, for other colours, other remedies) now the skin looks surreal. This is not the result we want, so we reduce the opacity until we find the perfect tone.

pic 5

Eyes. This is the part I enjoy most. With the eyes you make the look more intense. I use a very simple trick: give light to the eye using the main color of it.  I’ve added darkness around the eyes to make them look more aggressive.

pic 6

Now, the fire of the swords. This is the main point of light, so is very important. I made four different layers of fire, and I used the motion blur to make the effect i wanted.

pic 7

Light effects. I used to start with the shadows, (when a pic needs them) Whe have to think where are the light points to put the shadows on the opposite.

pic 8

Light. The natural light will be right on the opposite sides of her.

pic 9

I’ve added sparkles. I’ve used the motion blur. They give more light to the picture.

pic 10

Then I’ve added lights at the background, the wings the sword and the character using the fire color as reference. I made 4 layers of lights.

pic 11

To finish I increase the contrast and I used a filter I like. And here’s the final result!


I hope you enjoy and this helps you!!

Written by Verry Oaken Ass Facebook | Twitter )