SMCDaily: Lenox Knight | Lust

Cosplayer Lenox Knight once again is featured in today’s #SMCDaily. Once again back with more amazing cosplay.

Lenox sent us these amazing shots of her FullMetal Alchemist Lust, and I think we would all agree that they are stunning.

After seeing these shots the first thing that has to come to ones mind has to be, “What was it like shooting cosplay in a grocery store?” and luckily we have the answer as we just has to ask that exact question

Shooting in the grocery store was hilarious. Lots of people were confused and others followed me around and watched me shoot. By the end of the photoshoot I had a group of people just watching me. We shot in the forestry terrain first that was behind the grocery store. In the middle of the shoot I was like guys it would be really hilarious to shoot Lust in the grocery store! So, that’s what we did!

I think we can all agree the PunkTownTV team did an awesome job on the shoot!

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