Share My Cosplay: Jessienoochies & Magic Pants (MCM Manchester 2017)

Today’s #SMCDaily features more from MCM Manchester 2017. TeamSMC’s James Bissett was able to fit several shots in while at the convention.

Our first one up on the site is a DC Comics Wonder Woman / Queen Hippolyta shoot. This shoot features the works of Jessienoochies & Magic Pants Cosplay. Jessie and James work together often and if you’re a regular reader you may have recognized her as we have featured her work several times before. Magic Pants Cosplay pulls off the part of Queen Hippolyta effortlessly, and really does a great job of complimenting Jessie’s Wonder Woman.

Another example of the great work James does. If you’re in the UK area or at a convention he is a awesome guy and don’t be afraid to say “Hi” to him and potentially get your picture for our site!

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