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I first met Krystle Starr a couple of years ago at a local convention and was blown away by her cosplay and how sweet and kind she was. She is a Texas cosplayer, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber. She also teaches adults with disabilities and is the co-founder/host of If you have not heard of her you should definitely check her out! I had the pleasure of seeing her at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo 2016 and asked her a few questions about her life in the cosplay community.

Krystle Starr

Tesla Isley: Why and when did you begin participating in cosplay?

Krystle Starr:  I actually started to cosplay because I went on a date to Akon 6 years ago. I didn’t really know what to expect, we went as civilians and the place was magical! Growing up with a theatre background, my eyes lit up when I walked in! When I got home I immediately dug through my closet and made a very quick costume to wear for the next day! I’ve been hooked ever since.

Tesla Isley: What would you tell people about the art of cosplay?

Krystle Starr:  Cosplay is a beautiful thing because you get to create a character that you feel strongly about and when you finish putting all that time and effort into the clothing, painting, sculpting, beading, makeup, and more, you get to transform into your hero and carry their persona through the day. A huge part of the art form for me is modelling the character for photographers. When I do this, I tried to embody as much as a character as possible while keeping my personality as well, which at times can be a difficult thing.

Tesla Isley: Your most inspiring moment doing cosplay?

Krystle Starr:  This is such a hard question because I’ve been doing it for so long. I honestly don’t have one moment but many moments compiled together over the years. One that stands out the most is when I got to take my students to Fan Expo Dallas last year. None of them had ever been to a Comic-Con before; I had talked about it with them for months in our comic club. Seeing their faces when they walked in was the most magical moment ever!!!

Tesla Isley: Have you picked up any skills from cosplay that you use in normal circumstances?

Krystle Starr:  Surprisingly enough all the skills that I picked up from cosplay I use in my daily life: people skills, communication, and working with others. I’ve learned more about business with cosplay than anything else.

Tesla Isley: How has the world of cosplay changed you?

Krystle Starr:  It has kept me young at heart and mind. It can aid you if you don’t stress out about it. I’ve seen that happen too many. I pray that it does not happen to me; I have to keep my head in the game and always remember it it’s just for fun!  I try not to take it too seriously.

Tesla Isley: What conventions and costumes should we be looking for next?

Krystle Starr:  SDCC! I am working on several new outfits for the show including Emma Frost, Hulk, Black Panther, Red Sonja, and the classic Wolverine!

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Facebook: /KrystleStarrWars
Instagram: @krystlestarrwars
Twitter: @TheKrystleStarr
Youtube: @TheKrystleStarr

Article by: Tesla Isley

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