Share My Cosplay Interview – Harajuku Bunny

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

SMC: Why did you start cosplaying?
Harajuku Bunny: I’ve always had a love for dressing up and portraying characters ever since I was young. In the early 2000s I discovered girls dressing up as Sailor Moon characters online and I really wanted to do that. I didn’t get to attend my first convention and officially cosplay until 2009.

SMC: What was the first convention where you cosplayed?
Harajuku Bunny: Anime Vegas 2009. I went as Misa Amane from the live action Death Note movies.

SMC: What has been your most memorable convention moment?
Harajuku Bunny: Gosh there’s so many! I’d say my favorites are the ones involving kids. Seeing their faces light up and believing that I’m really the character makes me so happy!

SMC: What is the favorite thing about cosplaying at a convention?
Harajuku Bunny: I love being able to show off my hard work and become one of my favorite characters for the day!

SMC: Related to conventions, where can fans expect to see you next in? (any schedule in particular?)
Harajuku Bunny: For the rest of this year, it looks like I’ll be at only local cons once again. My next convention is Sabakon at the end of April. Hoping to make it out of state someday!

SMC: What other cosplayers inspire you?
Harajuku Bunny: The cosplayers that inspire me the most are the ones that really strive for accuracy. They put their heart and soul into making costumes that are wonderful, true to character representations of the characters they are portraying. Some of my biggest inspirations are: VampyBitMe, Ryoko Demon, Rei-doll, Reika, Yuurisans Cosplay, KANA Cosplay, Mostflogged, Cupcake Cosplay, Yaya Han, and Yuegene.

SMC: Which is your favorite Cosplays you’ve created?
Harajuku Bunny: I really love all my costumes, but my favorites are Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Starfire, and Space Dandy waitress.

SMC: What cosplay are you best known for?
Harajuku Bunny: I’d say Sailor Moon is my most recognizable, but Starfire, Kim Possible, Madoka Kaname, and Space Dandy I get noticed a lot for too.

SMC: If money was no object what would be your dream costume to cosplay?
Harajuku Bunny: Hmm hard question. Probably Giselle’s wedding dress from Enchanted or the mecha version of Panty from Panty & Stocking w/Garterbelt. The amount of money needed for all the fabric and components of Giselle’s dress is pretty pricey. Also the amount of material need to make all the armor and lighting I would want for Panty would cost quite a bit too.

SMC: What part of “geekdom” is you favorite avenue of entertainment (i.e. comics, movies, video games, anime, etc?)
Harajuku Bunny: Anime for sure! It’s always been my biggest fandom!

SMC: What Comic Books are you currently addicted to?
Harajuku Bunny: Currently, I haven’t been reading any. I’ve been too consumed with watch anime and tv shows haha.

SMC: Any favorite TV shows, movies or cartoons?
Harajuku Bunny: Oh there’s tons! My list could go on for a long time. As for shows, right now I’m obsessed with watching Vampire Diaries, Reign, Once Upon a Time, Space Dandy and Kill la Kill. My favorite movie so far this year is Vampire Academy. I’ve been a fan of the books for years and was really happy they finally did a movie!

SMC: Do you have any new cosplays currently in the works?
Harajuku Bunny: Not currently. I’m in the planning stages. I’m looking at acquiring new tools and learning to work with new materials. I hope to take the time to learn new skills and come back with some awesome new stuff!