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Cosplayer Tabitha Lyons is known as one of the top cosplayers in the UK. Besides being totally awesome at costuming, Tabitha knows a thing or two about prop making. Known as one of the key figures behind ArtyFakes (prop industry leader), Tabatha has made quite the name for herself in the cosplay community.

Our UK contact / photographer James Bissett was out and about at Play Expo and was able to catch up with Tabitha and spend some time with her.

Tabitha’s Julie Starling (seen below) is so dead on! And did you see that Chainsaw? It’s pretty badass! We’re thinking any Zombies she may run into don’t really stand a chance.

Like what Tabitha does? Let us know below which shot is your favorite.


IMG_5033 IMG_5032

IMG_5052 IMG_5035

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