Share My Cosplay Daily: That Vegan Cosplayer

Overwatch’s Widowmaker is one of the more popular characters to cosplay in the community right now. The success of Blizzard’s Overwatch, is something I’m sure the company hoped for, but possibly did not fully realize to what lengths it would extend. The characters brought forth from the game will forever be part of pop culture moving forward, and we here at SMC personally thank Blizzard for their amazing creativity.

We’ve said it before. We love it working directly with cosplayers, we love working directly with photographers. What tops the list, is when #TeamSMC members send us amazing content like this. Our California man Nick from Nick Nack’s Photography recently did this shoot with cosplayer That Vegan Cosplayer. The casual aspect of the shoot really gives it a different feel and brings something unique to the set.

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