SMCDaily: Talixoxo | Rikku

We figured since we’re heading into summer here, let’s head to the beach! Today’s #SMCDaily features internationally known cosplayer Talixoxo!

While dicussing Beach Con 2017 coverage with #TeamSMC member Nick Nack’s Photography, it was brought to our attention that Nick shot Tali at Beach Con 2016. We knew we had to do the right thing and bump that shoot to the top of the queue, it was the only fair thing to do.

Nick and Tali team up in this shoot to produce some truly stunning shots of Tali’s Rikku cosplay. Final Fantasy is known for some truly famous characters, but I think we all have to agree that Rikku is by far one of the favorites. Who doesn’t love Rikku (I dare you to leave a comment below!)?

Stay tuned for our site for an upcoming post on Beach Con 2017. We hope you have sunscreen and it’s going to be hot!

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Photographer: Nick Nack’s Photography | Facebook | Instagram |

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