SMCDaily: Ezmeralda Von Katz as Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is by far one of the most well recieved characters ever introduced into the Star Wars universe. By now you’ve hopefully had the chance to see him in action in Disney’s new release The Force Awakens.

Cosplayer Ezmeralda Von Katz does an awesome job of bringing him to life in the shots below.

EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme03 EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme02

EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme01 EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme09
EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme08 EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme07
EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme06 EzmeraldaVonKatz_KyloFemme05

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Photography by KSSM Photography

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