Share My Cosplay Daily: Ruffin Cosplay

Today being February 2nd 2017 we figure we couldn’t hold on to these pictures any longer. Cosplayer Ruffin Cosplay with a very Valentines inspired Overwatch Mercy.

While we know we’re still days away from Valentines day, we figured we needed to get these awesome Mercy shots posted ASAP instead of wasting away sitting in our inbox.

Mercy is everyone’s favorite healer in Blizzard’s Overwatch and has quickly become one of those most popular characters in the cosplay community. That popularity is for good reason, as blizzard continues to pump out numerous skins of the character from all of their many ingame holiday events, giving cosplayers the much needed inspiration to craft more Mercy.

Ruffin Cosplay totally rocks this shoot, and her Valentine inspired version soars to the top of our all time best Mercy list.

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Photographer: Roadsalt Photo | Instagram | Website |

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