Pokemon Trainer Reign Cosplay is here to Catch’em all!

Let’s face it, Pokemon GO has become one of the biggest things to ever hit mobile games or any Fandom. With so many people playing it, it’s crazy how popular it really is. What level are you? We are so happy that Canadian cosplayer Reign Cosplay sent us this shoot to feature here on the site. It’s time to become a Pokemon Trainer!

Cosplayer Reign Cosplay with a very cool Pokemon Trainer cosplay! Gotta Catch ’em all!  Reign always does such an amazing job with every cosplay she brings to life, and this Pokemon Trainer is no different. Reign looks like she simply jumped straight off the screen of your phone, while you were on a quest to catch the latest weekly pokemon on the loose.

Do you think Reign and Ash would be good friends or bitter enemies?

Does the pokemon theme song ever get stuck in your head? I know once it gets in mine, it’s stuck there for a while. Whoever wrote it deserves some mad props on coming up with a catchy tune.


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Photographer: Martie B photographieMichaelle Charette 

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