Share My Cosplay Daily: R J Jojola

Tifa Lockhart! You know it and I know it. We can never get enough Tifa! First introduced to us in Final Fantasy VII so many years ago on Sony’s first PlayStation machine, its been one amaizng ride.

Cosplayers from all over the world bring her to life, as she is one of the select few characters that have such mass appeal. Cosplayer & author R J Jojola does a fantastic job doing her part of adding her name to the list of cosplayers that have successfully conquered what it means to take of Final Fantasy’s Tifa Lockhart.


RJJojolaTifaCosplay002 RJJojolaTifaCosplay001

RJJojolaTifaLockhart005 RJJojolaTifaLockhart004

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Photography Klara CU Photography

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