SMCDaily: Nikki Steel with one badass Predator cosplay

The Predator in our eyes is by far one of the most fiercest creatures to ever appear on the silver screen. While the predator is best known for it’s trip in the Jungle with Mr Schwarzenegger, fun fact of the day, the “voice” (that “purring” sound) of the predator is actually none other that Optimus Prime himself Mr. Petter Cullen. Movie goers will get to see this beast of a character in action again soon enough as the series has recently been given another shot in the arm with an upcoming “reboot / sequel”.

Cosplayer Nikki Steel does any amazing job of capturing the feel and likeness of this truly beloved character. Such detail in the helmet along with the simple touches of what appears to be body paint really add up to make one cool cosplay creation. One can only imagine what it was like to see this awesome predator coming at you while walking the grounds of San Diego Comic Con.

Another big shout out to Bill from FirstGlance Photography for sending these amazing SDCC 2016 shots our way. You can expect more shots from this years SDCC in the coming days, so make sure you come back and check them out.

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