SMCDaily: Moonlight Cosplay YYC

As you may be aware SMC is based in Canada, and we take great pride in supporting our fellow Canadians in the cosplay community. In the case of Moonlight Cosplay the YYC stands for the great city of Calgary Alberta, which is located in western Canada. Add this to the fact that we already have a special place in our heart for everything Sailor Moon, and we knew we found one Cosplay group that we had to feature here on the site.

We’ve got a full squad of Sailor Scouts we’re featuring today.  Photographer Tim Nguyen from Citrus Photography has done an outstanding job of highlighting these cosplays.

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Sailor Mars @comic_cawsey
Sailor Moon @cyan_eyed
Sailor Mercury @sapphiretea
Sailor Jupiter @theteatabi
Sailor Venus @thecursedmermaid
Chibi Moon @megatronnes

Photographer: Citrus Photography |Facebook | Instagram |

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