SMCDaily: Lily Hunter Cosplay | Sith Lord

With the impending release of Star Wars Rogue One to home video and combine that with with daily rumors of Episode VIII, Star Wars is certainly buzzing again (does it ever stop?). That being said we figured today’s post fit perfectly.

Today’s #SMCDaily features Cosplayer Lily Hunter cosplay with an awesome Star Wars inspired Sith Lord.

Interesting fact of the day. Cosplayer Lily Hunter is actually Canadian and from the most eastern point in Canada. The city of St.John’s, Newfoundland is the last stop in North America before hitting the ocean and heading towards England. Now normally this might not mean anything, but your Editor is actually originally from there as well. So we figure we just had to point that out and while there may be a small community of cosplayers there, but we’ve got their back!

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