SMCDaily: Lenox Knight | Sith Lord

As the world once again prepares for the arrival of another new Star Wars movie, the hype train from “Rogue One” is certainly strong with the Force. While we can pretty much guarantee that there isn’t any Female Sith Lords in the movie, we will gladly take this time to jump on that hype train and promote todays spectacular #SMCDaily.

Todays entry features a stunning original Female Sith by Lenox Knight. While we’ve featured some of Lenox Knight’s work on our pages before, we stumbled across her newest creation in our social feed, and were instantly impressed. We’ve taken todays entry one step further for you guys, and besides the normal selection of pictures, we’ve also included a short video of Lenox Knight in motion. Make sure you check it out and give Lenox some traffic on her social pages (Links below).

Also we just want to do a big shout out to PunkTownTV (Twitter) and their Very Nuka Christmas Photoshoot. These pictures look so amazing and wouldn’t exist without their help & support.

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Photographer: The Professor

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