SMCDaily: Kawaii Besu as Overwatch’s Widowmaker

If you follow us on Instagram you may already recognize this next cosplayer from several of our recent posts.  Kawaii Besu brings her “A” game with this simply stunning take on Blizzard’s Widowmaker from everyone’s favorite game Overwatch.

Now we know it takes two to tango, and let us not forget the amazing talents of NELs, as he certainly does an outstanding job of capturing Kawaii Besu in action. NELs is known for doing beautiful work, and this set certainly continues that trend.

Both Kawaii Besu and NELs breathe so much life into this character in the shots below. We for one would love to see Kawaii Besu as the official WidowMaker representative from Blizzard, Kawaii has our vote, how about you?

Let us know what you think of this awesome cosplay in the comments below.

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Photographer: NELs | Facebook | Instagram |

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