SMCDaily: Jessienoochies & Geek-ta-Scale

I think we can all agree that The Witcher 3 is one of, if not the best game of this current video game generation. One can say pretty much anything Witcher related is gold, and with that being said lets get right into today’s #SMCDaily.

In our last #SMCDaily we had mentioned how our UK based Photog James Bissett had been out and about at a few MCM comic cons. This Witcher 3 group shot was taken while at MCM Liverpool 2017.

This shoot features the amazing talents of Jessienoochies as Yennefer,  and the group of Geek-ta-Scale as Ciri and Geralt. [ Ciri is aimeeswiftfitness ]. Normally we try and limit out #SMCDaily posts to six to eight pictures, but today’s entry was too good to limit, so we maxed it out at 11 shots!

We have to admit, this has to be one of the best shoots James Bissett has given us, and we are so proud to have James on #TeamSMC.

Jessienoochies, Geektascale (& Aimeeswiftfitness) really nail the characters and totally bring the characters to life.

Ready for The Witcher 4?

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