Share My Cosplay Daily: HollySocks & Supremeoutcast Cosplay

Tolga from Johnnie & Todd’s Den sent us these amazing pictures. Now we have to admit they have been trapped within our submission system for a little while, however they are here now and for everyone to enjoy.

Cosplayers HollySocks & Supremeoutcast Cosplay bring us some of the most epic versions of such amazing Marvel characters. Emma Frost and Cyclops have become known as some of the most influcential charactrs in the Marvel universe.

Like the pictures? Makes sure you see these cosplay in motion in the embed youtube videos below.

Let us know what you think of today’s #SMCDaily in the comments!

Supremeoutcast Cosplay | Facebook |
HollySocks | Facebook |

Photographer: Tolga Saygin for Johnnie & Todd’s Den | Facebook |

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