Share My Cosplay Daily: HJ Steele

After logging into Facebook today and finding a message waiting from HJ Steele, we find we couldn’t say it better.

So I got the coolest Poison Ivy pictures back from a photographer and I was like “Share My Cosplay needs these”  — HJ Steele

HJ Steele’s latest Poison Ivy in a series of them is a truly amazing cosplay. Photographer Infinityspiral has truly captured some amazing pictures.


HJSteele-PoisonIvy-06 HJSteele-PoisonIvy-05

HJSteele-PoisonIvy-04 HJSteele-PoisonIvy-03
HJSteele-PoisonIvy-02 HJSteele-PoisonIvy-01

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Photographer: Infinityspiral Photography

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