SMCDaily: Heather Starsailor & Andy Rae (Fan Expo 2016)

So Fan Expo Canada 2016 happened while we were away on vacation, and sadly SMC didn’t have anyone on site doing coverage for us. However that doesn’t mean we won’t have content from one of Canada’s biggest Fandom conventions. We put a call out for content to the community and it’s already paying off.

The photographer duo from OOC Photography were nice enough to send us a whole bunch of material.

First up is the cosplay duo of Heather Starsailor and Andy Rae. These two very talented ladies take on the roles of Blizzard’s Sylvanas Windrunner and Jaina Proudmoore. As you can see from the pictures both Heather and Andy totally rocked these cosplays at Fan Expo.

Stay tuned for more Fan Expo 2016 cosplay coming to SMC very shortly. Do you have Fan Expo 2016 photos you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


Heather Starsailor | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |
Andy Rae | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

Photographer: OOC Photography

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