SMCDaily: Hannah Lydia Cosplay | Little Sister

Today’s #SMCDaily features our first entry in our MCM London 2017 coverage. Our photog James Bissett was once again out and about on the MCM grounds snapping tons of amazing cosplay photos for you.

Hannah Lydia Cosplay comes to us with an a spectacular rendition of Bioshock’s Little Sister. As you would expect we see a lot of cosplay through out the year, and we have to say this is by far one of the best versions of the Little Sister that we’ve encountered in a long while.

Hannah Lydia does everything perfectly. The Costume and props are spot on. The Makeup is also spot on, and extremely creepy! The cosplay comes together perfectly.

A big thanks to James for once again managing to bring us such an awesome cosplay to feature here on our site. Stay tuned for more MCM London 2017 coverage in the coming days.

You can find more shots from MCM London 2017 on our Facebook page as well.

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Photographer: James Bissett |Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

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