Elycia Caitlyn Buckley plays the Jinx game!

We can all agree that League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and with good reason.  Along with a popular game comes popular characters, the crazy lady known as Jinx is one of them!

Photographer Amanda Tomm from AJT Photography does an awesome job of feature the wackiness of Elycia Caitlyn Buckley as Jinx.


ElyciaCaitlynBuckley_Jinx-10 ElyciaCaitlynBuckley_Jinx-09

ElyciaCaitlynBuckley_Jinx-08 ElyciaCaitlynBuckley_Jinx-05
ElyciaCaitlynBuckley_Jinx-04 ElyciaCaitlynBuckley_Jinx-03

Photographer: from AJT Photography

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