SMCDaily: Dayna the Sloth as Blizzard’s Diablo Crusader

More shots from Fan Expo 2016. Our new friends over at OOC Photography sent us a ton of shots of cosplayer Dayna the Sloth. We picked these five for you to enjoy, but no worries we still have tons more of Dayna, I’m sure you’ll see them soon enough.

Canadian cosplayers come out in droves for Fan Expo, and we’re happy to see Dayna made it out to the convention.

We’re absolutely loving these out door shots of Dayna’s crusader cosplay. The brightness of the sun totally make this cosplay pop off the page, good choice staying away from the dungeons for now! Dayna does a very nice job of showcasing Blizzard’s Diablo Crusader.

Like what Dayna the Sloth has done? Wait until you see her Maiev Shadowsong World of Warcraft. We will be posting that in the coming days as well.

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