SMCDaily: Dani Stocking as Sailor Mercury

We say it often here on SMC, I as the editor grew up being a closet Sailor Moon fan. It has always been a guilty pleasure, so when I get a chance to feature anything Sailor Moon on SMC, I usually jump at the chance. Photography Arturo sent us this stunning photo set featuring the works of Dani Stocking as Eternal Sailor Mercury!

You can never go wrong with doing a Sailor Moon inspired cosplay, and we for one wish there were more. From the classic characters that already exist to all of the crash mashups (Disney, Star Wars, DC Comics). We can never have enough.

For now check out this new set from Arturo featuring Dani Stocking.

“She always looks adorable as Sailor Mercury, and this Eternal version is no exception. We wanted to shoot at night this time, and this comes with a different set of challenges than shooting during the day or on a studio, but it was very fun anyway!” — Arturo

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Photographer: Arturo Vega | Facebook |

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