Share My Cosplay Daily: Cloud 9 Cute Maid Cafe | Five Nights at Freddy’s

Happy Halloween! It’s that time of year again when not only the cosplayers get to get dressed up, everyone gets to have fun!

Today’s #SMCDaily features a Extra-XL size post. TeamSMC’s Nick Nack’s Photography sent us this very large photo set, and we posted as many pictures as we could (we didn’t want to break your internet connection).

The Gang over at Cloud 9 Cute Maid Cafe got together with Nick to shoot this awesome Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired shoot. There were a ton of amazing pictures, and we made sure to choose all of the best ones for you to enjoy!

Cosplayers Happy Bean Cosplay (Foxy), Kunia (Puppet) & Antonia (Chica) look absolutely stunning in this spooky set. Seriously who shoots at a amusement park after dark? Totally creepy!

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Photographer: Nick Nack’s Photography | Facebook | Instagram Twitter |

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