Share My Cosplay Daily: Camislyce42 (League Group)

In our last post we discussed how League of Legends lends it’s self to many different occasions due to the sheer amount of skins the game has come to contain, this in turn easily lends it’s self to the cosplay community. This also makes #TeamSMC’s job so much easier during the holidays as there is just so much amazing cosplay to be shared.

Once again we find out selves enjoying League Holiday shots features the amazing talents of cosplayers Pachanket, Feisty_vee, Camislyce42 & Ashton Taylor Cosplay. The group certainly had fun doing this shoot, cosplaying holiday versions of Janna, Miss Fortune,  Zyra, & Kayle. Make sure you check out each of their Instagram’s in the links below to see even more photos from this holiday party.

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@pachanket: Miss Fortune
@ashton.taylor.cosplay: Janna
@feisty_vee: Zyra
@Camislyce42: Kayle

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