Share My Cosplay Daily: Bulleblue Cosplay

As I’m admittedly new to the fandom of Game of Thrones, I have to say I found it quite interesting when I opened my inbox to find a Sansa Stark cosplay sitting there for me. With Game of Thrones being such a beloved and at the same time epic shot, I’m surprised we don’t see more cosplays from the show. Maybe things will pick up with the show returns with it’s highly anticipated 7th season.

While I’m currently on Season 4 of Game of Thrones ( No Spoilers!), Sansa Stark certainly has become of the more interesting characters and I can only wait to see how much more she can take. She certainly is a strong woman.

Cosplayer Bulleblue Cosplay sent us these awesome shots, taken by fellow cosplayer Phobos Cosplay.

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