SMCDaily: BootySloth Cosplay | Tracer

Today’s #SMCDaily features more shots from MCM London 2017. Cosplayer BootySloth brings Overwatch’s Tracer to the table. Ms. Tracers is by far one of the most popular characters in Blizzard’s game changing first person shooter, and so glad James was able to capture BootySloth’s version from the convention.

Being in the UK, we can only assume that BootySloth has a cool English accent to match her cosplay choice.

#TeamSMC member James Bissett truly did an amazing job this year getting so many pictures for us this year at MCM London 2017. If you’re a cosplayer in the UK area you should check him out at all of the major conventions.

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Editors Note: Still fighting the all statics. We will get it fixed soon,

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