Velma & Daphne |Ashlynn Dae and Reagan Kathryn

Switching gears from our intense C2E2 coverage, we have two brightly colored cosplayers in the way of Ashlynn Dae and Reagan Kathryn as part of today’s #SMCDaily. Are you ready for Velma and Daphne?

The Scooby Gang is hot on the trail of the latest villain and ready to solve another case! Were you fans of the cartoon series? Which series was your favorite?

We will be the first to say that both Ashlynn and Reagan are totally rocking their cartoon counterparts. Love it!  Ashlynn and Reagan are certainly one amazing dynamic duo. They work so hard on their cosplays and it really shows in the content they are creating. They are some of our favorite cosplayers to feature for good reason. Make sure if give them a like and follow on your favorite social media platform.

Our friend Bill from FirstGlance Photography sent us these shots of Velma & Daphne from ComicCon Revolution.

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